Nature Tech: A New Opportunity for Smart Cities

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4Q 2021 | IN-6323


The Rise of Nature Based Solutions


Green corridors, green roofs, urban farming, reforestation, and storm water capture are all examples of nature-based solutions (NbS) that have been implemented in cities across the world. NbS is the use of natural solutions to decrease the impact of climate change; for example, increasing the amount of green space to increase the drainage potential in a particular area. There are many other benefits to NbS that are of interest to city planners, such as an increasing the mental health and wellbeing of citizens, decrease in heat island effect, and increase in biodiversity, that make NbS so attractive. There are some barriers to NbS which mainly stem from a lack of education on their worth, effectiveness, and possible additional benefits.

Technology and nature have often been seen as the opposite of each other but, in reality, they have an incredibly beneficial partnership. Technology helps us to understand the state of natural systems and how to maximize their benefits. This makes the use of technology in NbS a crucial step for its success and value recognition.

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