Low-Cost Tag Innovations Accelerating the Path to Scalable RTLS Opportunities

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By Mark Qi | 4Q 2021 | IN-6321


New Devices from Kontakt.io Highlight the Need for Specialized, High-Volume Tags in RTLS


San Francisco-based indoor location specialists Kontact.io have revealed their newest collection of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) tag devices. The flagship product from the new range is the Nano Tag, a “disposable”, low-cost and wearable tag the size of a dime. Products like the Nano Tag address the need for Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) tags that are built to target the needs of certain market verticals with specific uses. In particular, the Nano Tag addresses the high volume and turnover of tags which are required for applications such as patient tracking in hospitals and visitor tracking for public venues. This requires the cost and size per tag to be kept as low as possible without the need for multi-year battery life or additional connectivity commonly found in personnel tags.

High-Volume Tag Solutions are Helping to Accelerate the Market


RTLS providers, particularly in the medical space, have already identified the need for diversifying their range of RTL…

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