Edge Security Startups Driving Innovation for End Users

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By Michela Menting | 4Q 2021 | IN-6319


Kameleon Security Launches Open Platform Approach to Hardware Security


Kameleon is a semiconductor start-up, founded in 2019, working on developing an advanced hardware security platform known as the Security Processing Unit (ProSPU). It launched officially in July 2021. Targeted at servers, data centers, and cloud computing, the chip is a separate security processor that offers a hardware root of trust (based on Open Compute Project (OCP) security specification for Root of Trust): a compute platform with runtime security, which not only supports Kameleon applications, but has been built openly to also support third-party applications, and various crypto services (including key management) to securely store keys and data, and to provide a secure channel to cloud services.

Kameleon is one of many new startups focused on securing edge devices, a tricky task due to the breadth and variety of edge devices, from mobile to the Internet of Things (IoT). Other edge security startups focused in this space are those targeting security either specifically for constrained devices or for mid-range and smart devices. Several sta…

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