Future Urbanization Concepts Image

Future Urbanization Concepts


Actionable Benefits

  • Identify the key drivers and priorities underlying urban innovation strategies.
  • Define technology and solution strategies to take advantage of opportunities offered by the urban evolution in the long term.
  • Align IoT/IT and OT approaches for urban redevelopment projects.          

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the key features of visionary urban concepts?
  • What are the regional differences in urban innovation strategies?
  • What’s the difference between greenfield and brownfield projects in terms of scope, timing, and investments?   

Research Highlights

  • 16 urban concept case studies.
  • Investment level projections for brownfield and greenfield visionary urban design projects.
  • Visionary urban concept design guidelines and objectives.
  • Key urban technologies and their suppliers.        

Who Should Read This?

  • Urban planners and designers at engineering companies.
  • CTOs and CROs at city governments.
  • Decision makers at urban technology suppliers.
  • Decision makers at urban standardization organizations.
  • City coalitions and industry associations.