Can G+D’s StarSign Biometric Key Fob Address the Emerging Access Control Post-Pandemic Market?

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By Dimitrios Pavlakis | 3Q 2021 | IN-6216


The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Workforce Management and Access Control


During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations found themselves in the midst of multiple detrimental ramifications with direct effects on organizational logistics, workforce management, logical access control, cloud onboarding, and employee IAM (identity and access management), among many others. The number of homeworkers exploded as did the penetration rate for VPNs, endpoint security, antivirus options, and other employee mobility and protection services. While the pandemic has not been tamed yet and its adverse effects are still quite apparent in certain geographical regions worldwide, the number of organizations that are slowly opening their doors to welcome the homeworkers under IT-controlled corporate network is steadily increasing.

The hygiene concerns, however, are here to stay and the state of the market for physical access control and work environment safety has changed dramatically, prompting a brand-new line of safety protocols and government regulatory measures for a safe return. Certain digital identity vendo…

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