Got 99 Problems, but Data Availability Ain’t One: How Asset Tracking Data is Shifting Towards Problem Solving

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By Tancred Taylor | 2Q 2021 | IN-6189


The Open Visibility Network


While uptake of asset visibility technologies is still in very early stages, the ecosystem has developed to the point that visibility and numerous data points are readily accessible to enterprises that understand their potential value. Devices, platforms, mapping services, and location services—to name but a few components of the full solution—have reached levels of technical proficiency and price points where they are no longer major roadblocks to adoption. One common complaint, however, is the ability to execute on the extensive data captured by sensors and trackers. A commonly touted figure is that only around 10-20% of total ingested data is analyzed in such a way as to produce valuable and actionable insights and outcomes. Visibility is already possible, but the greatest value of visibility comes from what problems an enterprise is able to solve with that data. This is where traction is gaining in the asset tracking market.

Roambee’s shift towards becoming a ‘signal’ company exemplifies the shift. A signal is abstracted and analyzed sensor information, …

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