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2Q 2021 | IN-6149


Pandemic Triggers Better Broadband Access


The demand for high-speed broadband access has always been on the rise across different markets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand and triggered broadband industry players to act quicker to improve the existing broadband services, as well as to connect the unconnected areas. Recently, the Canadian government announced US$0.83 billion (CAD 1 billion) funding to be allocated for Canada’s Universal Broadband Fund. Similarly, the government of United States promised to devote US$100 billion to broadband for an eight-year infrastructure plan to deploy high-speed broadband connections in underserved areas. These are additional plans to accelerate ongoing universal broadband initiatives in the two countries.

The fixed broadband market, which consists of a combination of digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, and fiber broadband services, has already reached over 80% of household penetration at present in North America. Many of the households without fixed broadband connectivity can access internet via other technologies such as mobile and satellite platforms. Fixed…

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