AI/ML-Driven Network Automation and RIC

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2Q 2021 | IN-6147


RIC Deployment Status


Many network operators have launched their commercial 5G services worldwide, offering much higher energy efficiency than 4G networks. However, the higher energy efficiency of deployed 5G networks does not mean overall lower energy consumption costs. The development of RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) plus corresponding application use cases creates a great opportunity and is well-positioned to solve the problem. Powered by network virtualization, cloud-native architectures, and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the RIC framework allows network operators, partnered with various software and hardware vendors, to develop innovative application use cases for dynamic radio network control in cost-effective and intelligent ways.

As defined by the O-RAN Alliance, RIC mainly consists of a non-Real-Time (non-RT) RIC (supporting greater than 1s task latency) and a near-RT RIC (supports less than 1s task latency). From a business perspective, the market focus is on two aspects: RIC platform development and the corresponding application (xAPP/rAPP) case studies. To test the feasibility of th…

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