Positioning Technologies for IoT: The Thin End of the Wedge

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By Tancred Taylor | 2Q 2021 | IN-6140


Network-Based Location Seeing Big Design Wins


The market for location technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT0 is starting to see increasing interest and uptake from device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). While global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) were, even a few years ago, the largely accepted technology for asset tracking, a number of competing and complementary technologies are increasingly being tested and found to be appropriate by device manufacturers. A summary of the narrative around GNSS is as follows: the technology offers the best accuracy, but consumes a lot of power and comes with additional hardware (and therefore cost) requirements, which makes it less attractive for battery-powered applications, like asset tracking. Besides, only a select few use cases in the asset tracking market actually require the high level of precision offered. As such, the market is low-hanging fruit for alternative location technology providers.

This narrative is increasingly gaining traction, as witnessed by a number of recent significant design wins and announcements. Hybrid location provider Skyhook ha…

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