Increasing the Ubiquity of Edge Compute Infrastructure to Deliver Edge-Enabled Services

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1Q 2021 | IN-6045


FedEx's Foray to the Edge


FedEx is planning to transform its existing package distribution warehouses by equipping them with edge compute infrastructure. FedEx, alongside Dell Technologies and Switch, is planning to convert its distribution warehouses to edge computing facilities to enhance its operational efficiencies (i.e., facilitating automation, robotics, and RFID for package tracking). This venture into the edge computing space is oriented on exploiting the respective strengths of FedEx, Dell, and Switch. Mini edge computing data centers, supplied by Switch and running software provided by Dell, will be situated in FedEx distribution centers. 

Looking forward, FedEx is also aiming to lease its edge compute data centers to private enterprises and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for their usage of FedEx edge infrastructure to run applications closer to end users and improve network latency. In order for MNOs to deliver more value-added, higher-throughput, and lower latency use cases to businesses and consumers, they would need to eventually situate network computing functions nearer to their cell sites…

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