Artificial Intelligence Augmenting the Agriculture Sector

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4Q 2020 | IN-5980


Food Insecurity Spurring Alternative Agriculture Solutions


Food, a given for many, continues to be scarce for some around the world. According to Our World in Data, around 821 million people globally are undernourished and about 1.9 billion people are suffering moderate to severe food insecurity. The agriculture industry currently employs about 26% of the world population according to the World Bank and is responsible for sustaining the food supply of 7.5 billion people. This is expected to be increasingly challenging with the global population increasing to 9.7 billion by 2050 based on United Nations (UN) projections.

Countries like Israel and Singapore, having high population growth and lack of arable land for agricultural purposes are unable to produce much of their own food. They rely heavily on imports to feed their people¾Singapore imports over 90% of its food and Israel imports about 80% of its grains. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic causing massive disruptions to the global supply chain, concerns over food security have grown. As governments and the agriculture industry continuously strive to allev…

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