IoT Analytics Services for Oil and Gas Markets

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IoT Analytics Services for Oil and Gas Markets
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Compare the tools, services, and IoT technology stacks of the leading vendors for industrial IoT analytics.
  • Analyze the strategy, position, product differentiation, and competitive outlook of the leading cloud-native PaaS and SaaS vendors proving IoT analytics for the O&G market.
  • Identify market leaders, first followers, and essential players in the O&G IoT analytics market.
  • Select the vendors with the most relevant offering for the O&G enterprises, specifically vendors showcasing advanced analytics capabilities, AI, and Machine learning for industrial energy applications.
  • Identify current and future trends in cloud analytics for the IoT, with revenue forecasts from 2018 until 2026 for: integration, storage, analytics, presentation, and professional services.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • How are PaaS/SaaS vendors positioned in the oil and gas IoT analytics market?
  • What are the disruptive and future trends in analytics, advanced analytics, and streaming analytics for the O&G domain?
  • Who is dominating cloud-native IoT advanced analytics applications for the Energy market?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • A detailed breakdown of IoT analytics value chain components.
  • Comprehensive analysis of IoT analytics strategies for O&G market entry of: AWS, Azure, Arundo,, DataRobot, KX, Falkonry, Seeq, and others.
  • Detailed technical and commercial overview of IoT analytics technologies and comparison of overall IoT technology stacks of cloud vendors versus industrial players.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Cloud vendors, industrial PaaS specialists, and software developers for IoT analytics need to understand the market dynamics and identify differentiation points among competitors.
  • Industrial players, who intend/ongoing the IoT digital transformation, to understand cloud-native offerings, strengths and avoid vendors lock-in.
  • S-Suite and strategic advisors within the oil and gas industry who are responsible for strategy formation, business development, and innovative solutions planning.

Table of Contents





4.1. Oil & Gas Upstream Analytics Use Cases
4.2. Oil & Gas Midstream Analytics Use Cases
4.3. Oil & Gas Downstream Analytics Use Cases
4.4. Oil & Gas IoT Analytics MArket Developments


5.1. Trends and Drivers
5.2. Challenges


6.1. Methodology


7.1. Arundo
7.2. Aspen Technology
7.3. Azure
7.4. AWS
7.5. BitBox USA
7.7. Cyient
7.8. DataRobot
7.9. Falkonry
7.10. Flutura
7.11. FogHorn
7.12. General Electric
7.13. Emerson
7.14. Kx
7.15. Litmus Automation
7.16. MaAna
7.17. Nokia Spacetime insight
7.18. Osperity
7.19. Predii
7.20. Rockwell Automation
7.21. Seeq
7.22. Smart Energy Assets (SEA)
7.23. Schneider Electric
7.24. Teradata
7.25. TIBCO
7.26. Toumetis
7.27. Uptake Technologies

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IoT Analytics Services for Oil and Gas Markets
IoT Analytics Services for Oil and Gas Markets
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