Carrier WI-FI in the 5G Era

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3Q 2020 | IN-5853


Addressing Capacity Issues


Mobile Network Operators (MNO), vendors, and standards organizations have been actively working on new techniques to increase and maximize the capacity of cellular networks, predominantly in highly densified areas. Different approaches can be taken to alleviate capacity issues in macro networks such as cell site densification and the incorporation of additional spectral resources as it is in the case of the unlicensed frequency bands available worldwide. There are several ways to include unlicensed spectrum in mobile networks, ranging from License Assisted Access (LAA) to the deployment of Wi-Fi in which subscribers can roam and thus offload mobile data traffic from the cellular network.

With the Wi-Fi Alliance’s introduction of Passpoint in 2012, end users are able to have a seamless connection between Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks, eliminating the need for users to authenticate each time they connected to an operator-deployed Access Point (AP) that was Passpoint enabled. This industry-wide solution also helped MNOs that started to deploy Carrier Wi-Fi (CWIFI) networks as to…

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