AWS and Are Leading the Efforts for Public COVID-19 Data Lakes to Analyze, Predict and Enable Data Exchange

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By Kateryna Dubrova | 2Q 2020 | IN-5832


Big Data & COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 is severely disrupting the world economy. Businesses are impacted by worker health, but also by the panic, misinformation, and lack of actual tangible data to assess. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and services are playing a significant role in responding to the uncertainty by enabling not only the collection of data but also its analysis so businesses can both navigate and rebound from this crisis and become more resilient in the next crisis. Big data holds the key to combating the pandemic. For instance, South Korea has collected much data on the density of infections within the country; however, to maximize its value, it has taken steps to make it freely available to developers. The government’s goal is to encourage developers to create smart inventory systems to enable better access to masks, medications, and other medical supplies in the locations where they are most needed. ABI Research forecasts that revenues for IoT data and analytics services will reach US$37 billion by 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has gone through several stages regarding data and…

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