FCC Makes 1.2 GHz of 6 GHz Spectrum Available, Enabling Next Decade of Wi-Fi to Flourish

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By Andrew Zignani | 2Q 2020 | IN-5820


A Tremendous Boost to Wi-Fi Capacity


On April 23, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States made 1.2 GHz of 6 GHz spectrum available for unlicensed use, vastly increasing the available spectrum for Wi-Fi technologies. The announcement is a momentous decision and will help to ensure the long-term future and viability of Wi-Fi, as well as enabling new use cases, business opportunities, and valuable services over the next decade and beyond. 6 GHz will also ensure that theoretical and real-world Wi-Fi performance will be closer to each other than ever before, thanks to several benefits. Wi-Fi 6 devices that can support the 6 GHz band will be labelled as Wi-Fi 6E.

What Are the Major Benefits of 6 GHz?


Over the next decade, Wi-Fi faces several difficult challenges. Key among them are the growing demands being placed on Wi-Fi networks, leading to increased congestion, performance limitations, and reduced Quality of Service (QoS). Most Wi-Fi devices are using increasing amounts of data per device, including streaming high-resolution music…

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