Scooter Frenzy Causing Cluttered City Streets

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By Harriet Sumnall | 1Q 2020 | IN-5760


Lock and Charging the Future of Electric Scooters


Metro Mobility, an electric scooter sharing service operator based in Massachusetts, has created a new lock and charge system for its electric sharing scooters, helping address global concerns about the consequences of the dockless business models. Dockless models cause lots of streets to become littered with vehicles—not only scooters, but also bikes. The infrastructure is said to be quick and easy to install, and also offers a more sustainable method for the upkeep of operators’ fleets.

Clearing up the Streets with Sustainability


Micro-mobility’s dockless nature, though arguably the best way forward as far as convenience for end users, has created a whirlwind of vehicles being abandoned on street corners. This not only makes cities’ streets look cluttered and unorganized, but it can also create obstacles for those wishing to walk on the sidewalk. The introduction of dock and charging stations means that the issue of disorganization and cluttered streets will be tackled and resolved; s…

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