HTC Unveils the Modularity Behind its VIVE Cosmos Series of HMDs

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By Michael Inouye | 1Q 2020 | IN-5755


HTC Expands the VIVE Cosmos Series of HMDs (and Talks about a Prototype)


HTC recently announced three new versions of and modular accessories for its VIVE Cosmos Head-Mounted Device (HMD) platform, which launched in October 2019 (priced at US$699). The three new versions, along with the original HMD, share the same display (2880 x 1700) and base HMD unit, leaving most of the changes to occur in the faceplate. The original VIVE Cosmos HMD included six cameras for inside out tracking (does not use the original external tracking base stations) while the new versions and related faceplates largely iterate on the level and type of tracking.

The base version (VIVE Cosmos Play) only includes four cameras and, while it supports Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) movement, the tracking in the vertical axis will be limited compared to the original six camera configuration (110 degrees versus 210 degrees). HTC suggests this entry level HMD is well suited to more entry level Virtual Reality (VR) applications and games, calling out titles like Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and immersive video viewing. While pricing for this version w…

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