Standalone VR's First Step into the Mainstream

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By Michael Inouye | 1Q 2020 | IN-5707


Oculus Quest Sells Out


While the holiday season isn’t quite the barometer of product success it once was, it still provides good insight into general consumer trends and preferences. One bit of news that might go overlooked is the currently limited availability of the Oculus Quest, which is still (post-holiday) sold out by most retailers, including Oculus direct, with stock coming back between mid-January and late February. These stockouts were not the result of dramatic holiday price cuts; in fact, there were minimal changes to pricing and, while the game Vader Immortal was included as a package deal, the allure of the Oculus Quest stems from many of the issues the standalone Virtual Reality (VR) segment is tackling head on.  

Road to the Mainstream


To the public eye, VR might look like a technology searching for a problem and, indeed, a large number of those on the outside looking in (at VR) have already written it off as another 3D TV. Speaking to companies within the video value chain, the sentiments here seem to corroborate a similar progressi…

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