The Endangered Beluga and How IoT Can Save It and Other Species

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By Harriet Sumnall | 1Q 2020 | IN-5605


Libelium Doing Its Part to Save the Endangered


Zaragoza, Spain-based company Libelium is set to demonstrate how its technology is able to save the Beluga whales in Alaska. Libelium plans to work alongside the state’s government to monitor both air and water quality due to a gas leak that took place at Cook Inlet, the home to the endangered Beluga whale. The sensors enable the monitoring of water quality and pollution levels that affect the whales and other aquatic mammals in the area.

Aridea Solutions, based in West Virginia, United States, responded to the call of the gas leak and designed an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled buoy to monitor the parameters in the air and the water. The IoT platform that was deployed so that the data could be received and analyzed was over a 900 MHz LoRaWAN connection. Not only was this LoRaWAN connection used for this IoT solution, but a 4G cellular connection was as well, ensuring the buoys’ data was available for scientific analysis.

Beluga Success Enables the Ability for Further Aquatic Species to Be Saved with IoT


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