Cellular and 5G Antenna Hot Tech Innovators Image

Cellular and 5G Antenna Hot Tech Innovators


Actionable Benefits

  • Understand which research areas for 5G and cellular antennas are hot and invest accordingly.
  • Identify how new 5G antenna concepts will change deployment models and improve your 5G strategy.
  • Assess key investments in new antenna startups and understand which markets will likely be hotbeds of 5G spend.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which companies are innovating in the cellular and 5G antenna space?
  • What new concepts are being developed for 5G and cellular antennas?
  • Where is 5G and cellular antenna innovation taking place?
  • Which are tomorrow innovators in 5G antennas?

Research Highlights

  • Massive MIMO is becoming the hottest research and development topic, with all passive, active and hybrid beamforming options being developed currently.
  • Several new concepts are being developed, including mmWave repeaters and wireless communications without radiating elements.

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision-makers and strategic planners within the mobile service provider, equipment vendor and chipset developer.
  • Investors in the mobile market.
  • Decision makers in the cellular and 5G antenna space.