Webinar: Industrial and Commercial Robotics Market

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Publish Date: 18 Oct 2018
Code: PT-2220
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Webinar: Industrial and Commercial Robotics Market

ABI Research is developing its forecasts for the potential growth of robotics in industrial and commercial applications. As the primary market for robotics traditionally, the industrial space is seeing a number of varied developments; including relative stagnation among the major industrial providers, challenges related to connectivity and cloud operations, the rise of the Chinese market, the use of cobots and the introduction of mobile robots for in-house logistics. In the commercial space, advances in navigation and mobility have opened robotics to a range of verticals. But how do commercial entities, with very little experience, deploy, and manage these solutions?

Our webinar addressed the following questions:

  • What is the mid-term outlook for the Industrial Robotics market and dynamic for future growth?
  • Where will future revenue come from in relation to hardware and software products and services?
  • How important are some of the more nascent robotic technologies like cobots and exoskeletons relative to the traditional technology?
  • Which verticals will see the largest opportunities for commercial robotics?
  • Which types of companies (both providers and end-users) are best placed to succeed in this new environment?