Mobile Robotics: Autonomy Solution Providers

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Publish Date: 21 Feb 2019
Code: AN-4946
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 38
Mobile Robotics: Autonomy Solution Providers

Autonomy Solution Providers (ASPs) refer to a subset of technology providers who provide navigation and mobility solutions to a range of vehicles, and are not tied to one platform. These companies focus on developing sensors, sensor fusion, machine vision, AI, and analytics to retrofit onto various platforms. This separates them from traditional mobile robot providers (MRPs) who integrate their entire technology stack into one specialized robotic platform.

Mobile Robotics are being developed at an accelerating pace, with intralogistics and material handling in warehousing and manufacturing being the main use-cases. In this report, ABI Research provides analysis and competitive assessment of ASPs, who have managed to drive robotics adoption beyond traditional environments. As companies, the range and extent of technologies they incorporate into their solution can be varied. Some have auxiliary AI services, simulation, and SDKs, while others are more specialized in a particular sensor solution or a solution tied to a specific pain point, like motion planning. Across different verticals, these companies are becoming increasingly important in the mobile robotics space and have served to empower vehicle OEMs in accelerating their deployment of autonomous vehicles.