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Digital Factory Data


Actionable Benefits

  • Identify and better target the largest growth opportunities for connectivity, data, and value-added services in manufacturing and industrial.
  • Prepare optimal roadmap and product timelines for wireless products based on projected market penetration.
  • Prioritize GTM efforts based on industry, application, and use case adoption.
  • Understand regional differences and how the Industry 4.0 value chain is changing.

Critical Questions Answered

  • When will 5G enter manufacturing?
  • Which applications will see the fastest growth and when?
  • What is the state of Industry 4.0 and where is most activity?
  • What sectors are the most lucrative?
  • How is the value chain evolving?

Research Highlights

  • Digital factory forecast and connectivity value chain segmentation for 15 applications across 14 manufacturing industries and 18 global regions
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Data containing 224,000+ rows of data and more than 3 million data points
  • 5 Dashboards: By Application, By Country, By Industry, By Technology, and 5G Use Cases
  • 18 Summary Tables and Charts

Who Should Read This?

  • Technology suppliers (marketing, product managers, sales)
  • Device OEMs
  • Technology implementers (SIs, VARs)
  • Manufacturing and technology end users (lean leaders, digital transformation executives, project managers)