Commercial and Collaborative Robots for E-Commerce

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Publish Date: 24 Apr 2018
Code: AN-2527
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 34
Commercial and Collaborative Robots for E-Commerce

The acquisition of Kiva Systems by Amazon in 2012 marked the start of an era where large e-retailers invested and optimized their in-house robotics solutions for e-commerce fulfillment. At the same time, Alibaba’s investment in Geek+ and Flashhold, Zalando’s investment in Magazino, and’s developing their in-house robots for both warehousing and last-mile delivery also demonstrate strong demands for automation in this domain. This report analyses current development in the retail e-commerce fulfillment market. A market previously reserved for commercial robotics suppliers, many collaborative and industrial robotics suppliers have launched solutions to address different pain points and requirements, leading to wide adoption in the market.

This report also features the forecast of computing architecture and major robotics components, and makes strategic recommendations for end users, robotics suppliers, system integrators, and component vendors.