Wearables and Workforce Automation

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Publish Date: 13 Feb 2018
Code: AN-2455
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 26
 Wearables and Workforce Automation

The workplace is becoming highly automated, with machines, sensors, and devices enabling processes to be completed more efficiently, with and without human interaction. Wearables are now helping to automate worker processes, allowing humans to augment their skills by providing them with hands-free access to information, instructions, and a communications interface. These wearables communicate with other devices and sensors, helping to provide workers with automatic task alerts.

This report examines the increasing prevalence of automation within the workplace and how wearables fit in. It covers an overview of workplace automation, what wearables can do, how the devices communicate, CapEx and OpEx of automation, barriers preventing wearable workforce automation, and kay market players. Forecasts include Wearable Device Shipments by End-User Channel, Industrial Automation Revenue, Enterprise Wearable Device Shipments by Device Type, Enterprise Wearable Device Shipments by Industry Vertical, Enterprise Wearable Device Revenue by Device Type, and Enterprise Wearable Device Revenue by Region.