IoT Hardware Development Kits and Software Platforms

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Publish Date: 09 Feb 2018
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IoT Hardware Development Kits and Software Platforms
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IoT development, specifically IoT application development, is a significantly more complex activity than mobile or other digital-first applications due to the fact that developers are trying take data from a physical-first product rather than a digital-first product. This new technology stack requires device manufacturers, connectivity providers, cloud providers, application developers, system integrators, analytics providers, and other professional services providers to work together to produce an IoT solution anchored in an IoT application, which can be extremely resource intensive. This is no easy task, and one of the biggest challenges for end-users in developing IoT applications is a lack of internal skills and experience and the complexity and fragmentation of the supply chain.

As a result, there has been a merging of business functions as hardware and software services have continued to blend together. Companies that have traditionally offered hardware-based solutions have added software or other value-added service features to their product mix in an effort to differentiate their offering from competitors. Software and value-added service providers have likewise begun offering hardware development kits that ease the IoT development process for enterprises and end-users.

This research analyzes the merging of these different IoT hardware and software development kits, as well as the drivers and inhibitors for each in addition to the impact these kits and corresponding services are having on developers, enterprises, and solution providers.