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    The Digital Security sector offers integrated coverage of digital security technologies — from information technologies to operational control processes. With end-to-end security research from the silicon, all the way up to cyber-based and IoT applications, the sector focuses on technology trends, in addition to industry-specific implementation. Specifically, the technology research covers hardware, packaging, device, appliances, software, platform, networks, and services for organizations, as well as for specific industries such as finance, government, defense, healthcare, energy, transport, and of course telecommunication.

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    ABI Insight

    Big Data and RFID Industry to Benefit from Alibaba Group’s GS1 Adoption

    4Q 2016

    In September 2016, Alibaba announced a collaboration with GS1 to adopt GS1 standards for its product information management system, as well as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for product identification. ABI Research believes this benefits Alibaba’s Aliyun business in big data analytics, in addition to the RFID industry through the adoption of source tagging and food traceability.



    Stuart Carlaw

    Managing Partner and Chief Research Officer

    Michela Menting

    Research Director

    Phil Sealy

    Senior Analyst

    Dimitrios Pavlakis

    Industry Analyst