ITU approved broadband standard

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced final approval of broadband standard on 5th December. standard use fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp) architecture where fibre-optic cables are installed up to 200 meters from customers’ households providing broadband speed up to 1 Gbps. will allow operators to meet growing demand of bandwidth-heavy services such as 4-K video, HDTV, IPTV and gaming services. provides fiber-like speed as well as reduces cost and time for installation of fiber-optic lines until customers’ households. As broadband operators find solution to meet growing bandwidth demand, serves as a fiber alternative saving significant cost compared to fibre-to-the-home deployment.


British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Swisscom are among the operators who have done trials.  As ITU recently approved standards, chipsets and devices are expected to be available sometime in 2015 and is expected to extend the life span of copper infrastructure allowing operators to deploy cost efficient high speed broadband.