Enterprise Mobility and IoT

The enterprise mobility market and IoT could see a very fruitful collaboration in the years to come. Enterprise mobility has been popularized with key terms being thrown around like ‘consumerization of IT’, BYOD, MDM leading to BYO’X’ and M’X’M variations. Workspace solutions (i.e., containers, app wrappers, virtualized containers) are the current buzzwords but it still feels like enterprise mobility has only begun to scratch the surface of true capabilities and efficiencies. IoT, the Internet of Things, is at a similar point in progression as it seeks to build upon CES 2014 and MWC 2014 exposure where new technologies are being displayed to connect this new technological world.

The reason why enterprise mobility and IoT has attracted my eye is due to the possibilities that the marrying of the two brings. Enterprise mobility has been focusing on securing content and providing access to secure content via mobile devices.  IoT looks to build upon existing capabilities as communication between connected devices leads to big data analytics and real-world interaction. The trick becomes marrying these two components to facilitate new workflows that employees are creating by mobilizing.


Employees creating new workflows with real time information from IoT could be a wealth of efficiencies and capabilities development, but it still needs security. By marrying enterprise mobility with IoT, mobile security becomes a critical piece for future success. These new workflows will prove beneficial as enterprise safeguard against new security threats that emerge with IoT. That is why it is best to consider security enablement now and integrate it into future solutions to permit continued development; having to worry about security later will only slow down enterprise mobility progression.