Ericsson’s E2E multiscreen television solution

​At CommunicAsia 2011, Ericsson showcased multiscreen television solution. Ericsson branded it as E2E TV, (End-to-Endless TV). The solution is designed to deliver video content to multiple devices depending on the users' choice of device.

Ericsson's multiscreen television technology provides efficient solution for pay TV operators to offer highly personalized servic to the customers. Customers will be able to select or manage the program on any selected device and choose any desired screen to view the program. This is the additional value which can give customer satisfication.

Consumer behaviour of watching video content has been changing since we have more choices to view TV programs on different type of devices. Majority of young generation spend more time watching video content on the connected devices such as PC, laptops, media tablets and mobile phones. This proves that consumer appetite to get flexible viewing experience of the content on any of their device at any time is growing.

Ericsson's multiscreen television solution will enable service providers to offer pay TV services wich meet the user demand to view the video content anywhere and anytime they want.