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As we've been expecting,Verizon Wirelesswillbegin phasing out'unlimited' mobile data plans this summer,paving the way for the eventual shiftto multi-device data sharing plans, according toa top executive quoted in aReuters story.

The idea: instead of payinga flat fee per device for mobile data (roughly $30 per month), you would pay for a bundle of datathat couldbe used across several devices, and within a family plan. Those devices could includesmartphones and tablets.

The move makes sense, and could help lessen the blowas tiered-data pricing becomes the norm.For many usersthis will probably turn out OK, andcouldevenbring a lower monthly bill if the new data bundle turns out to cost less than the combined cost of several per-deviceplans. Verizon must price these right, or there will be a backlash.

However,I expect a rough patch when multi-device plans enter the market, as users who have grown accustom to 'unlimited' data try to figure out what their data limits really are.Discussions around the family table couldget interesting ("Johnny, you're hogging all the data with that newiPad 2.")

Nonetheless,new pricing schemes areto be expected as operatorstry to figure out how to monetizeamidst an explosion ofmobile data demand.