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With adding Apple iPad to its e-commerce offering immediately and Wal-Mart retailers stocking devices in the coming weeks, Apple is working furiously to make its media tablet product available in advance of holiday 2010 purchasing for US consumers. US consumer electronics retailer Best Buy along with mass retail chain Target are already stocking the iPad. Recently, also began listing the iPad on its e-commerce website.

In the first ninety days of shipments, the average selling price of iPad exceeded $650, a clear luxury item for most consumers worldwide. With Wal-Mart not gaining any special pricing to attract consumers, the bet has to be on mere presence in more places. This strategy could draw shoppers looking for gift-giving ideas or create frustration --and potentially a switch to a competitive offering --if limited quantities are available at each store. Samsung recently announced distribution agreements with the four largest US mobile network operators to sell the company’s Galaxy Tab media tablet before the end of this year; a feat no handset, PC OEM, or CE device vendor has pulled off before with the carrier channel.

Next week, Apple is expected to reveal revenue and shipment volumes for its latest financial quarter. While it was quick to announce shipments of the first and third million iPad units, the company has remained quiet since July aboutmedia tabletprogress. Does this silence mean sales have slowed as early adopters considering iPadwere fulfilled andshowing off the device to friends, or is Apple saving some thunder to impress the financial community during October?