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I received another email from Apple yesterday evening about my iPad that is currently somewhere over the Pacific. When I ordered my iPad I elected to have "expedited shipping". After I did this I was struck by the realization that "expedited shipping" doesn't mean much if we all receive our iPads on the same day. Apparently Apple thinks the same thing and their email said that they would be refunding my $12. It's a nice touch.

I talked to UPS this morning since on their tracking page it did not mention a delivery date (yes, I know it's supposed to be April 3). The UPS agent indeed confirmed Saturday delivery and he added that Apple had made special arrangements with UPS to deliver pre-ordered iPads on April 3. So far, this whole enchilada seems well organized.

By the way, want to have some fun? Visit eBay and key in iPad. You'll find over 5,000 listings includind 200-plus for iPads that no one has yet.