Indoor Location Platforms: Technology and Business Model Innovations

 This presentation provides a general overview of the indoor location technologies and markets and aims to identify how revenues are distributed across the supply chain. The report argues that technology innovation can be sustained only if the industry moves from the traditional model, where the technology is offered as a product or collection of products, to a new model that provides bespoke solutions to customers’ needs, usage, and performance. Implementing this new model requires a fundamental business transformation that could impact the way alliances are forged within the supply chain and how the technology is monetized. The report examines opportunities and challenges facing the transition from the product centric paradigm to a solution as a service (SaaS) business model and provides guidance on how the new business model  could be beneficial to chipset suppliers in particular.  

Table of Contents

  • Overview of Proximity and Indoor Location Markets
  • Technology and Market Segmentations
  • Technology Positioning 
  • Use Case Requirements
  • Supply Chain Hugely Fragmented and Crowded
  • Revenues of RTLS Asset Tracking, Location, and Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology Innovation versus Business Model Innovation
  • Takeaways and Conclusions
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Research Information

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Publish Date
1Q 2018
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report