Ed Rerisi

Ed Rerisi, Managing Partner, Director and Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for overall operations at ABI Research, providing support for all company departments, including research, sales and marketing. He has been instrumental in streamlining the firm’s robust research practices through the development of proprietary software and systems that link research, sales and marketing functions together to create a centralized, seamless sales and production process.

He is integrally involved in custom research and consulting efforts, personally spearheading the initial project scoping and proposal development. He then collaborates with the firm’s team of skilled research analysts to carry the project from development to completion. In addition, Ed works closely with the other Managing Partners to develop and implement new research offerings.  Prior to his position as Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Ed held research roles as a practice director and analyst, covering the broad spectrum of wireless technologies.

Ed’s past work experience included designing computer systems and sensory networks in support of the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command. He received a BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute and an MBA from Duke University.