Healthsense Number One in ABI Research’s mHealth Home Monitoring Device Competitive Assessment

Oyster Bay, New York - 01 Oct 2013

Healthsense, pomdevices (Sonamba), and GrandCare Systems are the three highest ranked vendors within ABI Research’s latest Competitive Assessment, which examined the market for wireless-enabled home monitoring devices. In the report, vendors are judged upon successful Implementation as well as product Innovation.

The three top overall vendors revealed contrasting approaches to the market. Healthsense represents a longstanding player, has both a strong market presence as well as a forward-looking approach. In contrast, pomdevices and GrandCare Systems represent the arrival of newer players with innovation and a strong consumer device focus at the heart of their offerings.

When considered across a range of Innovation criteria, it was pomdevices with its Sonamba offering and GrandCare Systems with its multi-functional home monitoring platform that scored the highest. Healthsense was placed third.

Of the three top ranked vendors, only Healthsense also featured in the top three within Implementation analysis. The second and third placed vendors in this category, Philips and Tunstall Healthcare, did not, however, finish in the overall top three overall as their offerings represent well established and targeted offerings that do not, at least as yet, address the broadening market potential for wireless within home monitoring services.

According to author of the Competitive Assessment, Jonathan Collins: “Home monitoring systems and the vendors that support them are about to go through a revolution in service provision. New wireless technologies will have to be supported and services will have to support new functionality as well. A new generation of end-users, customers and caregivers are looking for services that better support the way they want to care for clients, partners, and family members. The results of this analysis highlight those companies currently reflecting the emerging demands of the market and its future customers.”

These findings are part of ABI Research’s mHealth Research Service, which contains Research Analyses, Market Data, and Competitive Assessments, and Insights.

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