The State of Cyber and Digital Security

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Publish Date: 07 Jun 2022
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The State of Cyber and Digital Security
Security is a complex, multi-layered discipline that touches upon many notions: from protection and trust to resilience and offense. In today’s connected societies, security needs to permeate all aspects of modern technologies to support successful digital and cyber ecosystems. A weak link in a chain can
present an open door to a threat or be at risk from misconfiguration.
Each link, each layer must be secured. And yet the way in which security has been implemented to date varies wildly, impacted by different prerogatives: cost, regulation, technology limitations, market demand. All of these impact security investments to various degrees.
The biggest challenges for security implementation lie in understanding the value of the technology as an enabler and then finding the right solution, before applying it effectively. There is unanimous agreement that security is needed; but where and how and when and to what degree are not as easily determined.
For example, what is the value of digital wallets beyond the smartcard? Which technologies can help secure a soft-wallet most cost-effectively? How can security best be leveraged within a trusted payment ecosystem? Or why is an identity important for a connected object? What is the differentiation that a hardware secure element can bring when compared to just a crypto-processor? What attributes of the chosen hardware security solution can be most efficiently integrated into a public key infrastructure? Or importantly, how will the chip shortage affect the provisioning of smart cards? Which verticals will be affected, in both the short and longer term? What applications will be prioritized and at what cost?
ABI Research understands that security, both digital and cyber, must remain relevant and adaptable to a challenging and complex reality. Especially one that is constantly being shaped by the rapid pace of technology evolution and digital transformation through cloud migration, IoT expansion, 5G rollout,
AI advances, improved edge compute and increasing automation.
To help you better understand the state of digital and cyber security in 2022, ABI Research has highlighted key trends and forecasts in a number of sectors, including government, payment, industrial, telco and IoT, and across various form factors from hardware to software. This is complemented with a set of recommendations and action points for product solution and service providers to help navigate the opportunities and challenges of their industries. These insights come from throughout our seven research services and will help you better understand the role and the value of enabling digital and cyber security.