Transformational Technology Summit: Hyperscalers and 5G Image

Transformational Technology Summit: Hyperscalers and 5G

Actionable Benefits

  • Realize the opportunity that network virtualization brings to provide flexible 5G deployment models.
  • Understand the importance of cloud based 5G deployments for easily scalable cellular deployment models to realize the enterprise 5G opportunity.
  • Highlight partnership and co-creation opportunities for traditional telco players with hyperscalers.  

Critical Questions Answered

  • How can cloud based deployments augment the total addressable market for 5G?
  • What role will virtual network functions (VNF) and software defined networking (SDN) play for 5G deployments in the enterprise domain?  
  • What role will hybrid cloud deployments play to provide enterprise connectivity? And who will oversee payload orchestration between public and private cloud?
  • What are the commercial implications for the traditional telco industry, and how should they react to this disruptive development? 

Research Highlights

  • Detailed SWOT analysis for the cellular ambitions of hyperscalers as well as the cloud strategies of CSPs, infrastructure vendors and System Integrators.
  • Impact analysis of virtualized core and RAN deployment opportunities on the traditional telco supply chain.
  • Global Forecast of the Enterprise 5G Opportunity for 2020-2030.    

Who Should Watch This?

  • Key decision makers within CSPs that need to understand the impact of network virtualization on 5G deployment models.  
  • Lead strategists within infrastructure vendors that are looking to determine a durable cloud-strategy for their 5G ambitions.
  • Senior managers within hyperscalers that want to understand network virtualization initiatives of the incumbent telco industry and System Integrators.