Transformational Technology Summit: 5G and the Future of Industrial Image

Transformational Technology Summit: 5G and the Future of Industrial

Actionable Benefits

  • Identify and better target the largest growth opportunities for 5G and the future of industrial.
  • Evaluate digital maturity and where most companies are today.
  • Determine the prioritization of use cases for 5G in industrial end markets.    

Critical Questions Answered

  • How will the focus on enterprise verticals change the 5G value chain & what does that mean for network operators & infrastructure vendors?
  • What should MSPs and network infrastructure vendors do to address industrial manufacturers?
  • Which benefits will 5G connectivity on the factory floor offer to factory operators?  

Research Highlights

  • ABI Research’s Digital Maturity Model and where most companies fall.
  • Key industrial digital transformation deployment areas and the role of 5G.
  • Connectivity SWOT.
  • A review of lighthouse factories with 5G in action.    

Who Should Watch This?

  • Strategists in marketing, product management, and sales.
  • Mobile network operators and wireless networking infrastructure providers.
  • Technology implementers (SIs, VARs).
  • Digital transformation executives, project managers, and lean leaders in and serving the industrial and manufacturing sector.