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Biometric Technologies Semi-Annual Update


Actionable Benefits

  • Analyze the COVID-19 ramifications on the biometrics landscape and identify the opportunities into all key biometrics markets including government, law enforcement, border control, enterprise and consumer.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the biometrics hardware market and develop a better-boned digital security strategy.
  • Gain insight into shipments, revenue and average selling prices for biometric devices based on fingerprint, iris, face and vein recognition.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How did the COVID-19 affect the biometrics market landscape and how is it expected to evolve of time?
  • Which modalities are more prevalent in each vertical and which ones are the most profitable?
  • Which biometric devices and markets should implementers invest towards - both for the long-term and near-future?

Research Highlights

  • Infrastructure and all on-premise biometric installations have declined significantly with varied levels of decline across different end-markets.
  • Many technology applications across all modalities have suffered and with fingerprint technologies experiencing the highest ratio of reduced shipments.
  • The explosive growth of remote workers worldwide have unlocked new biometric MFA (multifactor authentication) security options causing a shift in employee mobility and authentication methods.
  • Governmental revenue allocation has shifted, law enforcement, surveillance, healthcare and border control priorities changed and de-stabilized during the pandemic, forcing authorities to major cutbacks.

Who Should Read This?

  • Biometrics organizations.
  • Digital security organizations.
  • System integrators, service providers, biometric hardware manufacturers, biometric software and algorithm developers.
  • Governmental, regulatory and standardization organizations.

Table of Contents

Top-Level View on Global Biometric Shipments

Breakdown of the Five Key Markets

Government and Security

Enterprise and Industrial

BFSI and Healthcare


Strategic Guidance