Agriculture's Digital Transformation - AgTech and Farming

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Publish Date: 08 Apr 2019
Code: AN-5192
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 18
Agriculture's Digital Transformation - AgTech and Farming

The agricultural space is currently evolving, with the use of IoT disrupting more traditional methods of farming. With a large variety of solutions that target several different sectors of the market already available, solutions are now being created to target the livestock and growing sections of the market, too.

The fact that there is no single, specific problem experienced by all farmers and ranchers has led to the development of a variety of different solutions for a variety of different concerns, notably including water usage concerns from the government and projected population growth over the next three decades.

In this report, ABI Research provides insight into the most substantial movements currently affecting the agricultural IoT space. In addition to discussing the drivers and inhibitors of the livestock, field, and tree crop sectors of the market, this report also provides market forecasts for these sectors and details vendors currently active in the market, such as The Yield, Sensoterra, Cowlar, and Wexus Technologies.