Bluetooth Beacon Technologies: Use Cases and Market Opportunities

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Publish Date: 09 Apr 2019
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Bluetooth Beacon Technologies: Use Cases and Market Opportunities
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Despite the initial high expectations around the deployment of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), adoption has been slower than initially thought by the market. Still, there are important indicators that beacon deployments will grow considerably in the next few years. This report analyzes the technology behind BLE beacons, the various ways in which these are leveraged in establishments and how they impact each vertical differently.

Use cases for BLE beacons include asset tracking, people tracking, indoor navigation, proximity services, and monitoring. They are deployed by businesses wishing to streamline their production, gain visibility into the supply chain, suppress theft and loss of assets, monitor the health of machines, and increase client interaction, among others. The verticals considered in the report include Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Personal and Pet Trackers, Hospitality, Public Venues, Sports, Transportation and Logistics, and Financial.

The report also sets out to understand the barriers that have led to the relatively slow adoption of beacons, the factors that affect the scalability of models in this market, and the ways businesses have found to overcome such difficulties. Drivers, challenges, and forecasts of each vertical are analyzed separately and case studies are given to illustrate the arguments contained in the report. A discussion is also made around different methods of proving and achieving ROI in these verticals.