Generative Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator

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Publish Date: 27 Mar 2019
Code: RO-1002
Research Type: Total Lifetime Value Calculator
Generative Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator

With generative design vendors evolving from providing inspirational designs to manufacturable designs, vendors, systems integrators and end-users need a detailed tool for comparing the costs and savings due to implementing generative design software in various deployment strategies. This detailed Total Lifetime Value Calculator (TLVC) provides that tool for Industrial Solution clients to plan and compare the best strategies for deploying generative design with the fastest payback periods and the most value over time. The TLVC determines the most likely costs and savings due to the implementation of generative design according to your company's various deployment strategies as defined in the inputs. This includes:

  • Total implementation and operating costs over the selected time period
  • Total materials savings
  • Total engineer time savings
  • Total maintenance savings
  • Payback period
  • Total lifetime value, which shows the sum of all the savings minus all the costs due to implementing generative design for your various deployment strategies, and includes all the savings and costs throughout the time period, as well as any savings that will continue to recur after the subscription/usage ends

The TLVC helps Systems Integrators determine whether and how to include generative design in a client’s Industry 4.0 strategy, how it could fit together with CAD software and the added benefits if their client is deploying other technologies such as additive manufacturing. Also, end users can use the TVLC to understand and determine if and how to deploy generative design to get the fastest payback and the most value.

The TVLC also provides tables and charts to show how different deployment strategies will incur and accumulate expenses and savings year by year.