Additive Manufacturing Total Lifetime Value Calculator

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Publish Date: 22 May 2019
Code: RO-1001
Research Type: Total Lifetime Value Calculator
Additive Manufacturing Total Lifetime Value Calculator

Additive Manufacturing (AM) allows companies to develop new products and, with a systems approach, pioneer new markets. Most companies get started small – as they should – but quickly see the benefit and want to scale. This statement has been generally true in clandestine operations that want to wield their competitive advantage. The difference today is that technologies like binder jetting, when combined with generative design software and part nesting, make metal AM a true production-level candidate in the manufacturing arena. It doesn’t matter if you are an automaker, aerospace provider, MIM supplier, or otherwise, now is time to evaluate the impact the impact of these decisions.

The Additive Manufacturing Total Lifetime Value Calculator (TLVC) is the tool that Industrial Solution clients can use to help plan and compare the best strategies for deploying AM. It determines the most likely costs and savings from implementing AM based on more than 40 user-selected inputs. Outputs include:

  • Total implementation costs over the selected time period
  • Total materials savings
  • Total engineer time savings
  • Total supply chain and maintenance-related savings
  • Payback period
  • Production capacity
  • Cost per part
  • Production comparison by metal AM technology process
  • Total lifetime value, which shows the overall impact of a decision – the cost of acquiring a market position, and its longer-term upside – throughout the time period, as well as any savings that will continue to recur after use/production ends.

The TLVC is also useful for systems integrators and others looking to determine whether and how to include AM as part of an Industry 4.0 strategy; what it takes to get up and running; and how it can scale.