Hannover Messe/IMTS Outcomes

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Publish Date: 21 Sep 2018
Code: PT-2218
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 17
Hannover Messe/IMTS Outcomes

ABI Research had seven senior analysts on-site at the IMTS and Hannover Messe USA conferences to determine the genuine innovations at the conference. This webinar covered the most important announcements and trends, and assessed their impact on future growth throughout the supply chain. Our analysts provided answers to these key questions:

  • What are the three technologies you need to embrace now?
  • Which three should you keep on the radar?
  • And which three should you be wary of in terms of industry disruption ?

The discussion topics we covered:

  • Which smart manufacturing platform is right for you?
  • Which transformative technologies took the spotlight at both conferences?
  • What manufacturing pain points and requirements in terms of flexibility, quality, cost-efficiency and output are transformative technologies expected to solve?
  • Why should you be leery of certain technologies?
  • How should operational technologies be protected in your corporate cybersecurity strategy?
  • When should you start adopting collaborative robots, digital twins and additive manufacturing?