Webinar: Market Forces Driving Edge AI: Enabling Technologies, Value Proposition, and Key Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to see a dramatic growth in adoption in many verticals. However, the currently popular model of having AI inference and training take place in the cloud is simply not appropriate for many use cases, creating a sizable opportunity for edge AI hardware to flourish. In this webinar, Malik Saadi, Vice President of Strategic Technologies and Jack Vernon, Industry Analyst, covered the main drivers for shifting AI to the edge, how the technology stack for AI is changing to reflect the shift, and the market opportunity in edge AI.

Malik and Jack’s presentation addressed the following questions:

  • How is AI currently being implemented?
  • What is the case for shifting AI processing to the edge?
  • What are the use cases that will drive edge AI?
  • What are the hardware options for implementing AI at the edge?
  • How big is the market opportunity in edge AI implementation?


Research Information

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Publish Date
3Q 2018
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report