Robotic Exoskeletons Annual Update

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Publish Date: 12 Oct 2018
Code: PT-2120
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 22
Robotic Exoskeletons Annual Update

The 2018 Exoskeleton annual update provides a concise evaluation of a rapidly growing market, breaking down the outlook for exoskeletons by type (Lower, Upper, Full Body) and the verticals where they are likely to be adopted. There is an assessment of the key innovators and vendors who are propelling the industry forward, and further details on the ecosystem (end-effectors, batteries, actuators and drives). The qualitative summary is interspersed with quantitative market forecasts. Among the exoskeleton providers featured are Cyberdyne, Rewalk Robotics, Rex Bionics, Indego (Parker Hannifin), Ekso Bionics, German Bionic, Ottobock, and Sarcos Robotics.

Table of Contents

  • Exoskeletons 2018
  • Categories
  • Exoskeleton by Type
  • Markets
  • Innovation Horizon
  • Vendors
  • Exoskeleton Ecosystem
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources