Webinar: How will Sensors Make Factories Smart?

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Publish Date: 13 Apr 2018
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Webinar: How will Sensors Make Factories Smart?

CIOs at major manufacturers are now asking themselves, “How do we get the most out of our data? What types of data sources can help us improve or solve problems? What comes next"?

If they want to change the type of data they are working with, they must change the types of sensors from which data is collected. They must constantly try to help the organization gain a better understanding of its own assets and operations and run them more efficiently.

Manufacturers need to figure out where they face the most operational costs and where existing sensors or solutions cannot find the root causes of faults or generate an accurate digital twin. From there, they can work with sensor and software suppliers to try to find a better way to ‘look inside’ the machine, equipment or process. Depending on the application or use case, different types of sensors may provide a different perspective.

The following questions were addressed during our webinar:

  • With what types of data should manufacturers work?
  • How should manufacturers implement edge analytics and sensor fusion?
  • How can sensor suppliers and manufacturers increase the efficiency of deploying new types of sensors?
  • What needs to happen to derive value from digital twin technologies?
  • What do manufacturers need to do to implement safe and effective IIoT technologies?


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