The Evolution of Smart IoT Gateways

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Publish Date: 19 Sep 2018
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Pages: 30
The Evolution of Smart IoT Gateways

A turbulent but hyper-connected future lies ahead bolstered by different types of communication protocols, security specifications, edge and cloud services applications. The demands of the Internet of Things are forcing an evolutionary change on gateways altering the way they fit into the connectivity and data management value chain. These Smart IoT Gateways have a brand new arsenal of technologies which applies to a much greater array of IoT applications, easing implementation, enhancing AI and machine learning, and forming a symbiotic relationship between edge and cloud computing.

Market insights and company profiles are available for vendors such as Cradlepoint, Kerlink, Multitech, Libelium, B+B SmartWorx, DELL, and NXP. This report features IoT gateway market data featuring the technology migration from older (2G, 3G) to newer (4G, 5G, LPWA-LTE) cellular protocols, as well as providing an overview of the major market verticals: mobility and transportation, commercial and enterprise, industrial and infrastructure.  It also outlines the current and future market demands, analyzes the intelligent features associated with customizability and data analytics applications on the horizon, and offers strategic guidelines for implementers aiming to make the best out of this new breed of IoT gateways.