Hot Tech Innovators: AI and ML

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Publish Date: 15 Mar 2018
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Hot Tech Innovators: AI and ML
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The AI Hot Technology Innovators looks at 14 different AI technology companies, delivering a mixture of solutions to end users and developers. The report gives an insight into the disruptive potential of each company's technology and business model, at the cutting edge of the AI start-up area.

ABI Research has been impressed by a number of companies coming to the fore with what it would describe as non-traditional AI techniques outside of established machine learning – companies highlighted here using automate reasoning, and unique neural language processing are some of the most exciting challengers in the area of AI. For the moment, VC funding is being made available to an increasing number of AI companies, as market leaders for technology are still yet to emerge and the software frameworks are still in their early stages of development. However, in the next 2-3 years ABI Research expects to see early stages of consolidation, as those vendors with quality AI products emerge, and pressure from VC’s seeking ROI encourages consolidation.

Many of the companies covered in the report have just launched, some of which have the disruptive potential to sweep across many verticals, and require the attention of anyone interested in the AI space.


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • DiffBlue: AI for Software Development
  • Algorithmia: Eases AI Algorithm Implementation
  • Unique and Fast NLP Beats Watson
  • Applitools: ML for UI Management
  • AiCure: Image Recognition for Clinical Trial Adherence
  • Upstart: ML Platform for Credit Checking
  • Graphcore: Dedicated AI Processing Unit
  • Element Data: Recommendation System for Consumers and Businesses
  • SenseTime: Cutting-Edge Machine Vision and Image Recognition 
  • Uses ML for Acoustic Speech Recognition
  • Giving “Unstructured” Data “Structure”
  • UVEYE: Machine Vision to Inspect Road Vehicles
  • MindBridge: ML Toolkit for Audit Teams
  • ML for Smart Tagging Images and Video Content